New Developments On Kauai

Currently there are several unique and exciting new real estate development projects here on Kauai.

I'm happy to provide you with exceptional buyer representation to discover the wonderful ownership opportunities at each one of them. I've helped many clients as their buyer's advocate make purchases in these developments.

As your buyer's agent and advocate, I REPRESENT YOU and YOUR BEST INTERESTS. You receive unbiased information regarding the development, ordinances, community, and competition that might impact your investment. It will not cost you anything to have me represent you as your buyer's representative. The commission paid to your agent comes from the developer. I have helped buyers realize strong equity gains by the time the development is complete by locking in a pre-development price.

Please know your legal rights and be informed: Hawaii law allows a prospective purchaser the right to be able to retain their own real estate broker or salesperson. You may choose your own buyer representation. (see H.B. No. 279)

It doesn't cost any more to choose a top agent, but it can make a big difference in terms of results!

I'm happy to arrange a private tour for you at a time of your convenience, at any of our new developments on Kauai.

I look forward to being of service to you!

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