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New Real Estate Projects & Developments

I’m happy to provide you with exceptional buyer representation to discover ownership opportunities at several unique and exciting new real estate development projects.

As a buyer’s advocate, I’ve helped many clients make new construction purchases. Having an agent by your side is definitely to your advantage, helping you make better informed decisions. I will represent your best interests and work for YOU. It is in your best interest to avoid visiting a development sales office (or open house) without first securing the services of an outside real estate broker like myself to represent you – prior to your visit.

The agents at the sales office WORK FOR THE BUILDER, not the buyer. Development projects and their agents are there, first and foremost, to sell ALL PROJECT PROPERTIES. As your buyer’s agent and advocate, I have a fiduciary responsibility in REPRESENTING YOU and YOUR BEST INTERESTS. You receive unbiased, knowledgeable market advice and information regarding the development, ordinances, community, and competition that might impact your decision making process and ultimately your investment.

It will not cost you anything to have me represent you as your buyer’s representative. The buyer doesn’t pay for your agent’s service, the commission paid to your agent comes from the developer. There are no extra costs associated with having someone represent you. If you go direct to the developer, the buyer’s agents commission for helping you remains with the developer.

Over the years, I’ve successfully negotiated price reductions and other concessions on my clients behalf, helping them save many thousands of dollars. An agent’s work does not stop when you get into contract. They work hard to get you what you want on YOUR TERMS, including things like making certain that all your specific upgrades are completed as promised!

Your right as a buyer is to be able to be represented. If you’re not, you may be making the process harder on yourself and losing out on the value that a realtor like me can provide. Please know your legal rights and be informed: Hawaii law allows a prospective purchaser the right to be able to retain their own real estate broker or salesperson. You may choose your own buyer representation. (see H.B. No. 279) Waiving your right to representation by going directly through the developer may not be wise.

Always consider having your own agent. It doesn’t cost any more to choose an experienced top agent, but it can make a big difference in terms of your results!

I strongly recommend you to contact me if you would like to learn more about any of the unique and exciting new real estate development projects underway. I will arrange a private property tour just for you and complete a registration card at a time of your convenience.

I look forward to being of service to you!