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This West Side town is also known as “Kauai’s Biggest Little Town”. Hanapepe has a series of frontier buildings which now serve as a haven for artists, galleries and craft shops. The town also has a swinging foot bridge and an orchid garden.

Salt Pond County Beach Park is located on the west side of Hanapepe. Salt production is harvested from these ponds in the traditional Hawaiian way as described in Capt. James Cook’s diaries. Sea water is diverted into the ponds and left to evaporate slowly. The salt remains as a crust at the bottom of the pond.

Hanapepe Area Subdivisions:
Brodie Lots, Cliffside at Hanapepe, Hanapepe, Hanapepe Business Lots, Hanapepe Heights House Lots, Hanapepe Residence Lots, Hanapepe Self-Help Subdivision.
(Search MLS: Zone 1, Waimea District, “4-1-8”)

Hanapepe Beach Lots, Hanapepe Rice & Kula Lots, Hanapepe Town Lots, Hanapepe Tract, Izumi Subdivision, Muraoka Lots.(Search MLS: Zone 1, Waimea District, “4-1-9”)

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